Remote Patrol


Battlestar Galactica was such an irrelevant speck of ’70s pop culture that I never imagined it would be fervently welcomed back. But the SciFi Channel has revived it as a full-fledged series—and so far, an enjoyable one. In an amusing nod to contemporary gender and racial equity, Starbuck is now a feisty woman, Edward James Olmos takes over the commander role once played by lily-white Lorne Greene, and Mary McDonnell serves as president, all of them under siege by a race of pissed-off cyborgs.

PBS’s Independent Lens presents this dynamite doc about the former Soviet republic of Georgia. Ostensibly a movie about the struggle between a formerly Communist populace unused to paying for electricity and the Georgian electric company (taken over by an American multinational), Power Trip reveals itself to be a complex portrait of a country in turmoil and transition.

Not many Off-Broadway plays could survive a trip to Court TV as well as The Exonerated, a stark tale of innocent people who languished on death row, played by celebs (Aidan Quinn) and should-be celebs (Delroy Lindo), each performance a ringing indictment of the death penalty.

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