Denim for Short Girls


The best-fitting new expensive jeans are slightly less expensive than the rest! Salt Jeans, which retail for around $120 (not cheap-cheap end of sucker), are free from pretend worn-in marks. Diesel had a commendable run with the “distressed” thing and now it’s time to say bye-bye, unless you’re cool dating a guy with a gelled skin-fade who hands out rave flyers for a living.

Salt Jeans come in three styles, each named after a different downtown Manhattan street, because your pants have to have a gimmick. “Mulberry” is a medium-rise boot cut and I can personally vouch for its short-girl friendliness. The legs are slim past the knee and the “boot” is subtle, unlike Joe’s and Seven’s, which fully flare (regardless of what the salesgirl tells you), magically helping you appear even stumpier than you are. The medium-rise is a wake-up call: maybe your bottom should be covered? It’s not supposed to pop completely out every time you tie your shoe? Make sure you try on a size that is definitely too tight, and then buy the ones one inch smaller than that. You might feel like you have to pee at every moment of the day, but you’re tall and skinny now!

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