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Masters of the art of transformation, Ronald K. Brown and his exceptional performers whip up a smooth but potent blend of African, modern, jazz, and hip-hop moves. People who’ve never before bothered with dance suddenly get it. Brooklyn’s 651 Arts presents the New York premiere of Brown’s Dance for Peace, a quarter-hour ensemble work set to a section of Terry Riley’s Salome: Dances for Peace, recorded by the Kronos Quartet. Mindful of the toll of lives lost to war and terrorism, this deeply spiritual artist wondered how to help his dancers deal with their complex, triggered feelings. His exploration translates movements into acts of compassion for all our sakes. Dance for Peace, Brown says, offers “a connection to ancestors and people we’ve lost, to gain strength from them. It’s a journey to a point of meditation—not the ego talking but instead, being quiet and listening to what Spirit has to say.” The company plans a 10:30 a.m. showing of the work for schoolkids. Both performances also include three treasures from repertory—Grace, For You, and Come Ye.