Lush Life


Mingle these in a fine crystal flute, then garnish with a twist of lemon:


Splash of Chambord

Splash of tequila

Drinking on Valentine’s Day is like listening to an old country music radio dedication program: “May-belle in Queens, will you be cryin’, lovin’, or leavin’ tonight?” Regardless of how your stars are aligned this year, with a CHAMPAGNE COCKTAIL as your companion, you’ll have a taste of each: the bubbles for the cryin’, the raspberries for the lovin’, and the hard stuff for the leavin’. The only thing that you’ll want to adjust according to your particular state of affairs is the quality of the champagne. Your lover won’t scoff at Veuve, but if you’re all by your lonesome, only the most decadent (take that however you like) will do. Pour two and propose a toast to yourself, chum.