BAM’s month of creep-out Mondays and Tuesdays is a variety pack of genre extremes. The trad gory gothic is represented by Lamberto Bava’s movie-house-set Demons (1985)—a sensational complement to Goodbye Dragon Inn—and Hammer’s lascivious-lesbo entry The Vampire Lovers (1970). Other selections get funkier: Neil Jordan’s Borgesian stalk through Angela Carter’s menstrual forests, The Company of Wolves (1984), still fascinates, wile Elliot Silverstein’s The Car (1977), about a possessed mega-caddie with a yen for plowing over desert town pedestrians, blows its metaphoric opportunities. The artier choices are prime, particularly Masaki Kobayashi’s Kwaidan (1964) and Benjamin Christensen’s Haxan (1922), two semi- forgotten launches of conventional supernaturalia that are also the loveliest filmizations ever of Japanese and medieval-Dutch art traditions. The hot ticket: the long-unseen Finnish parable The White Reindeer (1952), a psychotronic rara avis about Lapp curses and demi-creatures that remains, unfortunately, unpreviewed.