Runway Report


Instrumental in launching the career of fashion’s anointed golden child, the routinely 1940’s-inspired Zac Posen, nonprofit Gen Art has excelled for the past ten years at spotting and nurturing fashion’s next great hope in that oh-so-delicate infancy stage. On the roster for this year’s Fall 2005 show: Vena Cava, Charlotte, and the Society for Rational Dress.

Vena Cava

Classic, elegant, easy
photo: Wireimage

The evening was kicked off with New York’s Vena Cava, the joint effort of 23-year-old Parson grads Lisa Mayock and Sophie Buhai. Mayock and Buhai focused on effortless, eclectic pieces that frequently played off unexpected color combos: for example, a printed aubergine silk georgette dress tied with an eye-catching belt in mustard yellow.


For the lady who loves the leather
photo: Wireimage

The Charlotte Collection by New York’s Melina and Jessica Solnicki made excellent work of bringing a slice of rock ‘n’ roll sex to the dainty lady of the house: a bronze ruched leather jacket slung over an ivory silk flapper dress; a striking, goth-worthy black leather capelet tossed nonchalantly over cigarette pants; and a pleated, see-through chiffon blouse matched with the narrowest brown leather pencil skirt.

Society for Rational Dress

The big runway pleaser
photo: Wireimage

The highlight of the night was indisputably Society for Rational Dress, Corrine Grassini’s L.A.-based line that juxtaposes elegantly draped, natural fabrics with some hard-edged leatherwork. The showstopper here was Grassini’s trademark leather-harness dress of flowing black silk, held together by equestrian-inspired straps of supple brown leather. We imagine Society for Rational Dress’s rapidly growing celebrity clientele-Erykah Badu among them-duking it out for this or a pair of those fantastic strappy ankle boots come this fall.