You’re Wearing His Shirt


He’s the man behind 50 Cent’s G-Unit clothing label, Eve’s Fetish wear for women, aviator-inspired chain Avirex, and men’s lifestyle mag Complex as well as Ecko Unlimited, Zoo York, and too many freakin’ lines to name. At 32, streetwear mogul Marc Ecko has a preternatural power for identifying what the “young urban male” wants next.

Taking a moment from his monstrously busy schedule, the former graffiti artist talks about old farts, a truly crap trend, and dressing Jamie Foxx for the Academy Awards.

Why do you think your brands sell so well? My design team focuses on creating clothing for real men. Real men don’t live in a photo shoot. I’m a big dude . . . I can’t wear clingy, drape-y fabrics. I also work to create clothes that don’t have expiration dates.

What do you wish there was less of? People who say they are modern but think like old farts.

What do you think will never be popular, no matter how many times they push it? Capes! Unless you are a vampire or a superhero, it’s just not fly. PUT THE CAPE DOWN! If you are really pushing a cape, you are too hipster for your own good. The Victorian Pimp look only works on a stage.

What celebrity has a great sense of style? Vince Vaughn. He’s a real guy. I like that he sometimes dresses like a bum.

Who would you like to dress, and what would you put him in? Jamie Foxx for The Academy Awards. I’m making him a black satin striped tuxedo. Really classic and debonair. Very old Hollywood, but with a touch of the middle finger. There are embroidered hidden messages all over the tux’s interior lining.

Why do you like to partner with rappers like Eve and 50 Cent? Aside from the obvious name recognition, I was hyped by 50’s desire to make his voice heard through the designs. He’s in the office keeping up on what we’re doing and he’s on the street wearing the gear. That’s the kind of partner I want to have. He’s the consummate sales man.