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Busted in the Bathroom, Small-Town Gays Plumb Options


The premise of Texas Homos sounds like a bawdy joke: A doctor, a Methodist minister, and a 25-year-old boy toy walk into a men’s room. But the punchline isn’t funny: They get arrested during a public-sex sting.

After a night in a small-town slammer, the three guys hole up in their lawyer’s office à la No Exit to devise their defense. Cecil (Reed Birney), doctor and local power broker, advocates denial and blackmail. Preacher Jim Bob (Richard Bekins) wrestles with the truth and, later, with Cecil. Delbert (Michael Busillo), the—ahem—straight man, delivers one-liners that keep the audience howling.

For Cecil and Jim Bob, the scandal threatens career, marriage, and years of self-delusion (“I’m not gay. I just have a strong libido”), a terrain they poignantly explore. Delbert, representing today’s better-adjusted youth, doesn’t seem fazed. He plots his escape to New York—a path that some of these convincing actors might have followed themselves.

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