Rockin’ the Mini Kimono


It would be nice to think the world has officially moved on from thong-revealing and love-handle flashing—most commonly the results of that unfortunate low pants/tiny shirt combo. Indeed, we have come a long way, but it still happens—girls with jeans so tight, their butts have been mashed into unrecognizable lumps above their pants.

Ladies, can’t you see? The hottest among us are those women who float around in feathery drapes of non-stretchy fabric, never appearing stuffed into their clothing. The absolute opposite of a bulging love handle has to be a kimono. But don’t waste this pretty look on your roommate or significant other. Yumiko, at Kimono House, recently blew my mind when she modeled a short vintage kimono (from the ’60s) over jeans. For spring, there is nothing better than these altered versions (around $100), which fall just past the hips. After choosing from the many styles and colorful prints, you get to pick an obi (the wide sash you tie around your waist). They are not pre-matched—this is your time to color outside the lines. Now there’s no excuse for butt-crack.

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