High Concept


My sister text-messaged me the other day with an exciting announcement: “My concept for spring is ‘Paradise Island’!” she wrote. Immediately, my head filled with images of grass skirts and piña coladas. That’s a good concept. Then I realized I have no concept of my own lined up for spring. I can’t simply say “me too” and horn in on her luau. When settling on an overarching theme for the season, it’s crucial to do some soul searching. What’s inside me? Am I a “Golf Champ,” “Princess Bride,” or “Avoiding the Paparazzi”? What do I need to tell the world?

I was mulling it over on a stroll down Lafayette Street when I experienced a divine fashion intervention: At X-Girl, a pink tie-dyed hoodie ($90) jumped out at me. Very interesting—I couldn’t have predicted that. Next, I popped into Clientele, just to stay abreast of the current sneaker goings on. And what was I immediately drawn to? Tie-dyed Dunks! (Sorry, it was the last pair.) I pulled out my phone to reply to my sister: “It’s Urban Stoner for me!”