Not a series for the casual viewer, DEADWOOD (which I’ll review in coming weeks) launches its second season by tossing us headlong into the action. Sheriff Bullock is passionately screwing the town widow, and Swearengen looks like he’s having a bad day: The government is moving in on his territory, and he’s having problems peeing. You can play catch-up with the recently released DVD of the first season or just forget about bygones and immerse yourself in the blazing characters and intricate repartee.

If you’ve got A.D.D. and like to see dolls do obnoxious things, ROBOT CHICKEN is must-see. Created by actor Seth Green (Austin Powers, Buffy) and magazine editor Matthew Senreich, this stop-action animation series uses and abuses action figures in miniature skits that send up pop culture, like the 10-second skit in which the Wizard of Oz‘s scarecrow visits the prison house of HBO’s Oz.

Now that Project Runway has wrapped, lovers of upscale reality trash may feel compelled to return to this old favorite. Tyra’s pageant is looking slightly tired on its fourth go-round—especially since we haven’t seen any previous winners become actual top models—but it’s still entertaining to watch these fledglings mutate into hard-nosed competitors. Like skinny sponges, they soak up Tyra’s vast wisdom, allowing her to guide them through industry hazards like racism, bad hair, and eating disorders. May the geekiest girl win.