Dear Bush Beat . . .Go crack yourself up




Keeping them in stitches: An Iraqi doc sews up a child wounded in one of the many October bombing raids on Fallujah by U.S. planes (© IRIN)

Jay writes about my Friday column comparing the Abu Ghraib and Neverland penile colonies:

Who gives a fuck about the tickle-torture at Abu Ghraib? Those actions are dwarfed by the oppositions’ beheadings!

Ward, I urge you to intersect your head with the nearest wall at a very high rate of speed.



Thanks for writing, Jay. You’ll have to excuse me for not crafting a longer reply, but I’m exhausted from reading about the 16,000 or so Iraqis, many of them innocent civilians, who have been killed by the U.S. since our unjustified invasion. Of course, many Iraqis have survived (see above).

I guess we’re leaving some children behind in Iraq. I think I’ll take your advice and go crash now.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on March 6, 2005

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