We ought to applaud NBC for not chickening out on this remake of the hilarious British series. They left off the laugh track and followed the original scripts, but Steve Carrell can’t quite fill Ricky Gervais’s huge shoes.

If you needed proof that no one is too good for reality TV, just check out Faye Dunaway imperiously critiquing young wannabes. “This is not the Paris Hilton school of acting!” she admonishes as they perform scenes from . . . The Bodyguard. In other words, this is the Paris Hilton school of acting. Dunaway’s appearance here does serve one purpose: a warning of the bleak options awaiting the aging starlet.

This documentary portrait of two elderly activists who find comfort and friendship in an L.A. nursing home for radicals is encouraging for those of us who hope to stay contentious until our dying day. But it’s also heartrending to watch these two irrepressible women—and their fellow residents—grapple with limitations imposed on them by their deteriorating bodies.