SXSW: Day 3 Wrap-Up: Part 2


Matt Pinfield! Remember him– bald dude, host of 120 Minutes on MTV? He was the MC for the Spin party at Stubb’s BBQ Friday afternoon. Problem was, he had lost his voice. So he sounded like some sort of eighty-year-old sex offender as he introduced Bloc Party

Here’s the deal with Bloc Party: Great album, shitty live show. No stage presence, frequent mess-ups, every song sounds the same. They really need to cut out all the promo bullshit and log some serious practice time before this whole world-domination thing continues. I almost feel bad for them, having been thrown to the industry wolves so quickly. They write some kickass songs, though. “Like Eating Glass” turns my blood to ice.

The sight of David Johansen’s lower abdomen peeking out from underneath a baby tee also turned my blood to ice, as I watched him perform with the reunited New York Dolls. I use the term “reunited” loosely, since the only original members left are Johansen and guitarist Sylvain Sylvain (the rest of the lineup included the bassist from Hanoi Rocks!) Both of them are more grotesque and trashy than ever. The fact that they’re old farts only makes their music sleazier, and therefore better. It was a hoot to see all the classics swept out from under the rug– “Lonely Planet Boy,” “Trash,” “Personality Crisis,” etc. etc. Their set was as good as a New York Dolls set in 2005 could possibly be. I hope Bloc Party were watching, because they could have learned a thing or two about showmanship. Johansen announced that this was the last day of the reunion tour because he got some sort of fellowship to Columbia University (my alma mater, by the way.) At first I thought he was joking, but then he kept talking about it. WTF? Is he going to teach Physics for Poets or something?