Even if you didn’t go to the WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE in Miami last week, you’ll still be able to catch many of the DJs—as lots of them will be making pit stops here. (Too bad Miami’s weather can’t make a pit stop too.) The WORLD OF DRUM’N’BASS slam comes to DIRECT DRIVE, now held at Rothko, with some of that party’s heavy hitters in tow. Formation’s kingpin, DJ SS, headlines with the don of d’n’b, Grooverider—who gets all the hardest and most sought-after white labels first. The groovier Shy FX also headlines a cast of local DJs. Downstairs, a different kind of breakbeat fest comes courtesy of Reid Speed, Sara Walker (née Doomer), and more. Thursday @ 10, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, no phone

Micro house or minimal techno seems to be on the wane (or at least the style of micro house that includes a sparse backdrop with barely-there rhythmic clicks tapping and overlapping). Lush layers are back, and so are melody, synth washes, and tunes with a more organic feel—just in time, then, for Soma Records artists like Scottish acts Silicone Soul and Alex Smoke, both of whom are playing in support of new records. The night also features stellar locals Peter Anthony and Three as part of Tartan Week, a yearly Scottish cultural program sponsored by the Scottish Executive. Tuesday @ 10, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-570

There’s a new party called DISTORTION DISKO with all these cool types hosting and playing like Larry Tee, Kenny Kenny, Small Change, and the Trinity. I suppose you could just cave and buy an overpriced bottle of alcohol, lie down on a giant mattress, and hope that the music lulls you to sleep from this horrible scene called New York nightlife. Happily, there’s a downstairs dancefloor, but the fact that this place is the old Centro-Fly just makes me wanna hurl! Thursday @ 10, Duvet, 45 W 21st, 212-989-2121