World Media Views Schiavo Vigil


U.S. television networks and newspapers aren’t the only ones keeping tabs on the Terri Schiavo story.

The Sydney Morning Herald, under the headline “Family Losing its Race Against Time,” features an online poll that finds 44 percent of the 5,181 respondents support removing Schiavo’s feeding tube. Der Spiegel has a story titled, “Fall Schiavo löst Sterbehilfedebatte in Deutschland aus” (Schiavo case triggers euthanasia debate in Germany). Le Monde offers a photomontage.

While it’s not at the top of the news overseas, “the intense, emotional and sometimes maudlin legal and ethical drama,: as Toronto’s Globe and Mail describes it, of the Schiavo case is apparently as compelling for readers in Australia and Germany as it is here—perhaps because it reflects America’s peculiar politics.

As the Times of London (whose latest piece can be found here) wrote way back in October of 2003: “Her personal tragedy has been transformed into a grisly public drama, a perfect storm of contemporary American life fuelled by accusations of attempted murder and greed, the march of the Christian Right, the presidential ambitions of two men named Bush, and the arguments of constitutional scholars.”