‘My Faith Is Strong’


Pope John Paul II’s funeral was the perfect occasion for the president to do what he does best, and that is to reassert his faith and help people interpret the Scriptures. Calling the service “majestic,” Bush said, “Today’s ceremony, I bet you, for millions of people, was a reaffirmation . . . and a way to make sure doubts don’t seep into your soul.”

According to The Washington Post, he went on to discuss the meaning of religion: There is “no doubt in my mind that Lord Christ was sent by the Almighty. No doubt in my mind about that.” Bush said he had had “a very good relationship” with the pope, who on their last visit, in June 2004, “made his points to me with his eyes.” Perhaps thinking about his own travails with critics who accuse him of clinging too fervently to conservative values, Bush said of the pope, “Tides of moral relativism kind of washed around him, but he stood strong as a rock.”

Talking like an evangelical, Bush said, “I think a walk in faith constantly confronts doubt, as faith becomes more mature.” He added, “And you constantly confront, you know, questions. My faith is strong. The Bible talks about, you’ve got to constantly stay in touch with the word of God in order to help you on the walk.”