Now Up To Bat


What makes a sports bar a sports bar? A freakish number of television sets? A Yankees-obsessed crowd maniacally fixated on the instant replay; or is it that predictably “manly” combination of hardwood floors and exposed brick?

Check and check. The brand new Gym Sportsbar has it all—only the projected images of athletes’ sculpted physiques hint that this particular watering hole is one of a kind. Billed as the first and only gay sports bar in New York, it’s an establishment whose welcome is long overdue: an open atmosphere for the many gay sports enthusiasts in the city, boasting nine large-screen TVs, a 40-foot mahogany bar with frozen energy-drink slushies ($7), and plans to offer Final Four eats like buffalo wings and nachos. Longtime athletes themselves, co-owners Rick Schmutzler and Nick Leonard also reach out to the many gay sports leagues in the city, hosting registration sign-ups for tournaments and partnering with them for charity events. Plus, the duo will soon have more space to entertain once the basement rec room and outside porch open up.

Of course, those wall projections (courtesy of‘s photo gallery) are the best part, quite effective at beckoning drooling sidewalk traffic inside. Rah-rah indeed, boys.

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