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Morning Report 4/18/05 Welcome to the Matrix, Neocon!


The war, the World Bank—it’s all a game. Only the blood is real.

Defense Dept.
Plugged in: American kids practice on videos like the Defense Department’s America’s Army game (above). In the real Army game (below), grunts from the Pennsylvania National Guard prepare to raid a home in As Siniyah, Iraq.

Spc. Ismail Turay Jr./Defense Dept.


Hope you didn’t miss that important April 13 deadline. I’m talking about the date when applications closed for the World Bank job of Manager of External Affairs and Outreach for the Middle East and North Africa.

The “acting manager,” of course is Shaha Ali Riza, gal pal of incoming World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz. It’s an important job, extremely high profile. It’s safe to say she’ll probably get the post permanently.

And this is a tough job, being the Bank’s chief spokesperson in the Middle East, according to the official description sent to me by faithful mole W.B. Staffer One. The job description notes:

The Bank’s reputation remains at risk due to the continued conflict, the importance of the region in oil resources and geopolitical interests.

But it’s made for a neocon like Riza. According to the job description, this is the task of the “Adviser”:

Working across the matrix with country and sector management, the Adviser will develop a strong and cohesive team of communications and partnership staff . . .

And the Adviser must have:

Demonstrated ability to operate effectively in a matrix environment, both as team leader and team member . . .

Yes, Wolfowitz’s girlfriend qualifies to be part of the matrix. How about your sons and daughters? Do they qualify?

The U.S. military is desperately looking for a few hundred thousand soldiers. Sharpen your killing skills with America’s Army, the Pentagon’s official military video game. The home page for it notes that “America’s Army is Rated ‘T’ for Teen.”


You can check out another MATRIX here. It’s the Multistate Anti-Terrorism Information Exchange, which is “a pilot effort to increase and enhance the exchange of sensitive terrorism and other criminal activity information between local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.” Thank God that New York has dropped out of it. (If you really want to find out about this scary thing, read the Electronic Privacy Information Center’s analysis of it.)

The military and the Justice Department aren’t the only ones running factory farms that are “all around you.” Check out the brilliant video on the Meatrix. You’ll be in hog heaven.

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