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As part of Channel Sur’s ongoing Latin American dance exchange series, Luis Lara Malvacías offered a four-installation project, Under a Big, Bright Yellow Sun, staged on two stories of this gutted former school. It uses colorful props, costumes, and set designs to decorate mediocre modern phrases, evoking the increasingly agitated political climates of Peru, Brazil, and Argentina. Peruvian dancers scurry in single file, slur harsh-sounding Spanish slang, and gaze absently into empty boxes. Tanned Brazilians twitter in, around, and under a bright yellow inflatable kiddie pool and samba maniacally in front of an illuminated rainforest backdrop. Before a cardboard sign reading, “Made in Argentina,” dancers in oversize waitstaff shirts tiptoe on an intricately designed seven-foot-square platform and peer suspiciously at an invisible horizon. Finally—in the bizarre melting pot of New York—newspaper-clad Latinos chaotically join prim gringas in icy tangos set to cacophonous urban noises while fur-adorned monsters make sucking sounds and blabber like psychotic caged animals. Are the outrageous outfits and tantrums politically inspired or just added for local flavor? Expect other provocative works by Latin American choreographers this weekend.