Exquisite Copse


Lower East Side royalty of all bloodlines and stripes will add ornament to industry the first three weekends of this month at LE PETIT VERSAILLES GARDEN (346 East Houston Street, 212-529-8815) at an outdoor celebration of the visual and performing arts. Created in 1996 by a group of East Village locals under the aegis of Allied Productions as a meditation spot as well as a sort of outdoor community center, the oasis-like Petit Versailles is host to the MAY KINGS & QUEENS festival, which showcases film, music, dance, and food, and will include what the organizers call “unearthly delights” of an unspecified sort. It all sounds terribly pagan to us, and we’re sure to be there with bells on. No, really—little tinkling ones. And maybe lovely garlands of flowers too. For a full schedule of events, see

Le Petit Versailles Garden is open to the public Saturday and Sunday, 2 to 7 p.m. Free, but donations are gratefully accepted.