Poll Vault for Bloomy & Fields


A new Marist Poll has Mayor Michael Bloomberg zooming ahead of former Bronx borough president Fernando Ferrer in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup, while Manhattan beep Virginia Fields has drawn into a statistical tie with Freddy in the Democratic race.

The Marist numbers have Bloomberg going from behind Ferrer last month to 13 points ahead, with a 4.5 percent margin of error. What’s more, 47 percent of those surveyed say Bloomberg deserves re-election, up from 39 percent last month and roughly tied with those who think he should go. In the Democratic race, Ferrer’s lead over Fields stands at 34-30. Eighteen points separated the two last month. City Council Speaker Gifford Miller gets a slight boost to 12 percent and congressman Anthony Weiner is stuck at 11 percent.

We interrupt this story with the standard poll story caveat: It’s only April, and it’s just a poll.

That said, the poll is certainly not bad news for Fields. Her strategist, Joe Mercurio, was saying a few weeks back that Fields’s strategy was to make it to the runoff and hope for the best. “That process is moving around quicker as she gets rolled out as a candidate,” Mercurio called the Voice on Wednesday to say. “It’s a two-way race. Whether it even has a runoff is questionable at this stage.”

Again, it’s only April and it’s only a poll. Sure, there’s little to cheer Freddy in the Marist numbers, but considering the hammering he has taken over his Diallo statement, it could have been worse. Miller edged up only slightly, but with $3.4 million in the bank he can afford to stick around. Weiner’s low numbers are offset by the fact that he’s getting a lot of good press.

But some people will read a lot into Bloomberg’s statistical surge and pronounce the Democrats DOA. It’s worth remembering that as of the last week of April 2001, Bloomy’s candidacy had not even been born yet.