Ah memories. Well, not my memories exactly, but a good many New Yorkers who were around for the ’80s and ’90s dance music heyday will be very excited about this week’s batch of parties: Tom Mello (there’s another old-school memory for you) presents a new weekly called FUTURE PAST, with DJ Ani Quinn (remember Deee-Lite?) in the lounge spinning rock. On the main floor, relive the past with familiar DJs Joeski, Alexi Delano, and David Hollands, whose deep-house and techno musical selections are still aimed squarely at the future. Friday @ 10, Temple, 240 W 52nd, Those who reminisce about the days of CAF CON LECHE can relive them once more with a one-night-only reunion featuring original promoter Joe Sheridan and his DJs Lord G, Merritt, Cleveland, and more. Sunday @ 11, Show, 135 W 41st, 212-278-0988

Keep going back to the future with the Bunker crew and Underground Resistance artist James Pennington—the Detroit techno legend otherwise known as Suburban Knight. Pennington was part of the early wave of Detroit techno—he co-wrote “Big Fun” with Kevin Saunderson and Art Forrest. He’s joined by his techno warriors Archetype and DJ Dex—the latter, whose mix I’ve been listening to, has reminded me how Detroit techno is so much faster and more forceful than some of the micro house and tech house we’ve all gotten used to. The combination of the three DJs might do me in. Friday @ 9, subTonic, 107 Norfolk, 212-358-7501

Another ’90s techno stalwart, Andrew Weatherall, is back in action with a Fabric mix, the 19th in the illustrious series. His selection includes poppy electro tunes (Alexkid), some harder techno (Jesper Dahlb), and newer tech house (Steve Bug). He’s also one of the producers who really pioneered the new electro movement (under his Two Lone Swordsmen releases), before that other word came along. POP YOUR FUNK resident Roy Dank says that Weatherall is playing a “punk-funk” set. I have no idea what that means, but it’ll be fun finding out. Thursday @ 9, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245