Where Is Your Mind? Maverick Thinker Challenges New York.


Known for his multidisciplinary synthesis, rascal-scholar Howard Bloom has the uncanny ability of taking saturated, complex science notions and molding them into easily accessible, pop-like missiles that rapid-fire straight into the cerebellum. (Take his acclaimed books The Lucifer Principle and Global Brain and his passionate, mercurial lectures as examples of an astonishing intellect and contagious enthusiasm.) For a scientist Bloom has quite the backstory: As a PR giant in the late ’70s and early ’80s, Bloom was responsible for launching the careers of Michael Jackson, AC/DC, Prince, and Kiss, among many others. In 1988, Bloom was stricken with chronic fatigue syndrome, which left him essentially bedridden and confined to his apartment for well over a decade. It was during that time that he researched and wrote his last few books. In true PR carpet-bombing style, Bloom attacks New York City with several in-person appearances: On Wednesday, he gives a lecture entitled “Wrestling With Mother Nature: Osama, Michael Jackson, and the Bungle in Iraq” (lately Bloom’s been viewing controversial Middle East politics through a paleo-psychology lens), followed by the unveiling of a “biopolitical” cartoon-essay, Howard the Humongous. On Saturday, the Global Entertainment and Media Summit honors Bloom with a lifetime achievement award—recognizing his work in the music and film industries. Since his recent recovery, this big-picture philosopher has had only a few public appearances; hopefully this week’s gala will serve as a reignition.