Conor Plays Leno as Band Hits a Bar, SF-Style


Well, after having driven through the day yesterday, we arrived in San Francisco in time for an evening off into a day off. Days off are pretty rare on tour, we usually perform every night, so it’s really quite a treat to have a free day.

Conor had stayed behind in L.A. to perform on the Jay Leno show, so after dinner with my friend Dan from Music for America, a group of us headed over to the Arrow Bar to watch Conor’s performance. The Arrow Bar was a pretty cool place, good music playing, cozy bar. Unfortunately, the television was missing an antenna and reception was impossible. A call was placed, someone was on the way with an antenna, we even tried twisting some aluminum foil over the tv, but the moment passed and we missed seeing the performance. I’ll have to catch it on rerun, or perhaps there’ll be a video floating around that I can see at some point. Despite or perhaps because I had spent the entire day lounging on the bus, I was beat, and called it a night.

Today was pretty low key. I spent hours walking around San Fran, visited a few shops that I’ve been to in the past and enjoyed the lovely day. I tried to make it to the SF MOMA but ran out of time. Ah well. Late into the afternoon I ventured out into Berkeley to meet up with a friend for some vegan Japanese and gelati, which was, of course, amazing. I’m back at the hotel now, and even though Todd, Nick and Carlos D are DJ-ing at a bar—apparently it’s some kind of Goth night—I think I’m going to stay in. It’ll probably be a good time, and I may venture out later, but I think I might be up for a quiet evening. There’ll be plenty of party nights over the next few months.