Morning Report 5/9/05Bush Re-enacts Battle of Sedan


U.S. is the driving force; Russia’s only along for the ride

White House
Your blinkers are on: Driving Mr. Putin yesterday (above), Bush flashes the signal for yet another right turn. Meanwhile, Baghdad is besieged by deadly car bombings, repeats of the one pictured below from last winter.


It’s not enough that George W. Bush is driving us crazy with his war on Social Security. He had to go to Russia and fight a new Battle of Sedan with Vladimir Putin (see top photo). Then Bush went to Western Europe to commemorate the dead from past wars while he refuses to acknowledge the dead civilians in Iraq, which incidentally has devolved into a civil war strewn with car parts and body parts (see bottom photo).

The Bush regime has already made it clear that us ‘Mericans don’t do body counts in Iraq.

Of course, the Europeans do them—by the millions. Take a look at today’s Pravda; it’s worth a snicker to read Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey’s “George W. Bush: An Insult to Our Collective Intelligence.” It’s a faintly ridiculous piece. Scolding Bush for all the wrong reasons, like this passage:

On the eve of the celebrations to mark the 60th anniversary of the victory over Fascism in Europe, instead of being conciliatory to Russia, George Bush waltzes into Latvia, a country with a deplorable human rights record, complete with concentration camps during the Fascist occupation and with a revisionist tendency to glorify its Fascist part in the country’s history and declares that the Soviet presence in Eastern Europe was one of the “greatest wrongs of history.”

So, what was the Soviet Union supposed to do, after 25 million of its citizens had been killed in the most vicious fighting in the war, after a quarter of a million of its citizens had lost their lives killing between 75 and 85 percent of the Nazi troops in the Second World War? Allow the USA to occupy its resources and install disgusting fast-food restaurants before colonizing the country with pornography, filth, and depravity?

Pornography, filth, and depravity? Well, yeah. So what’s his point? Then the Pravda guy waxes wroth, wrongly:

Diplomacy, debate, dialogue and discussion are for sure the four words which summarize Moscow’s foreign policy, while Washington’s continues to be dominated by bullying, blackmail, belligerence, and bullishness.

Where do we start? For one thing, Moscow gets no more than a “D” for, say, Chechnya.

However, reading Pravda is a blast, especially the “Fun Story” column on the home page, which features these headlines:

• Airline Claims Damages from Airport with Birds
• To Cheat the Police Women Pickled Marijuana Like Cucumbers
• Two Underage Girls Steal Cell Phones and Hide Them in Most Intimate Places of Their Bodies
• Football Club Owner Wants to Become Jesus Christ

No wonder Bush went to Europe. He wanted to not only take some shots at the Europeans but also kick around some ideas with that team owner.