Seattle Scapes, Rock Boy Overload and Booger Jelly Beans


OK! I’ve had it! Too many damn boys! How many? Let’s see: five Faint, plus six Bright Eyes, four Bright Eyes crew, one guy from the gear rental company, two additional Faint crew, two Bright Eyes manager-types and one Faint tour manager. That equals: 21 dudes. And me. Which is why it was such a relief to get to Seattle and spend some time with my dear friend Brigitte.

Yes, yes, I’ve been on the road with boys before—plenty of them! But this beats, this destroys any other amount of men that I’ve traveled with. Well, Brigitte to the rescue for the Saturday night Seattle show, which is something of a blur—we had arrived early in the morning on Saturday and I’d spent most of the day wandering about Seattle. I hit all the tourist-type locations: the fish market by the water, the posh shopping district near to the hotel, the street performers. So, by the time it was time to play, I was tired beyond tired. Brigitte whisked me back to the hotel as soon as the show was over, and I fell into a deep, deep sleep.

Woke up refreshed on Sunday morning. Called mom for mother’s day, and then—crepes at Brigitte’s favorite coffee shop and a walk around a less traveled part of town. I visited Brigitte’s apartment, cozied up with her kitties and went to a part of town called Fremont, which reminded me of a sleepy seaside vacation spot, complete with gelati shops, pricey shoe stores and cute outdoor cafes. Seattle is beautiful, with its bridges, mountains and bizarre mix of architectural styles from the old to the new to the new-new.

After the show tonight we will start the long haul back to Omaha. This whole first week of tour was structured around Coachella—hence the days off, long drives, strange routing. By heading back to Omaha, we almost start over. We’ll only really have a day to do laundries, sleep in our own beds, see friends and loved ones, but any break—even a day—is a welcome break, and then the real pace of tour begins.

On an unrelated note: Have you ever tasted the Harry Potter flavor jelly beans? I ate a booger flavor and dirt and was thoroughly grossed out for a good while!