Spring is finally here, as evidenced by the arrival of the Third Annual New York Burlesque Festival, co-produced by Thirsty Girl and the World Famous Pontani Sisters. The three-night festival kicks off at Friday (@ 8, Southpaw, 125 Fifth Ave, Bklyn, 718-230-0236), before the main event on Saturday (@ 8, Hiro Ballroom, Maritime Hotel, 363 W 16th, 212-242-4300), and caps things off with the Golden Pastie Awards show on a boat (Sunday @ 2, The Queen of Hearts, boarding Pier 40). Murray Hill, Scotty the Blue Bunny, and Miss Astrid share emcee duties throughout while some of your favorite naked ladies perform, including Amber Ray, Jennifer Lynn, Jo Boobs, Miss Saturn, Goddess Perlman, and the superstars, Dirty Martini and *BOB.* There’s more where that came from at

Back to the music. Minimal-techno nerds rejoice! Perlon’s masterful Sammy Dee (of Pantytec fame—and really, anyone who gives himself a name reminiscent of underwear should be rewarded) headlines the weekly experimental-electronic-music party The Bunker. Friday @ 10, Subtonic, 107 Norfolk, 212-358-7501.

Remember when we’d all scoff at the prospect of people DJ’ing using anything other than vinyl. These days, more DJs spin using CDs and even iPods, so that vinyl seems quaint by comparison. However, Brendan Gillen a/k/a BMG of Ectomorph fame is one of the only people I’ve ever seen pull off a laptop DJ set. If memory serves, Gillen did one of these in Miami a few years back at the Winter Music Conference and blew everyone’s little pea brains. He used a turntable and his laptop and alternated between booty bass and his own twisted electro (this is after all the man who first put out the I-F classic track “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass.”) At We Care a Lot with Cowboy Mark and Dirty Jean.
Friday @ 10, Luke & Leroy, 21 7th Ave South, 212.645.0004.