Photo Explosion! Plus: Rockalicious Times in Iowa and Minneapolis!


Ah, the long bus ride. It is certainly a strange animal! We hopped on the bus after the Sunday show in Seattle for the long haul back to Omaha. Our bus pulled in to downtown Omaha around 4pm on Tuesday afternoon after hours and hours of movies, naps, books, boredom. Quite a trip. We of course stopped in at the Little America rest stop in Wyoming. Anyone who has traveled through Wyoming knows of the dozens of large billboards that herald the great (well, really, not so great) truckstop that is Little America. Basically, there is a restaurant, a gift shop and some hotel facilities. I dined at the restaurant, purchased a $10 moose charm necklace at the gift shop and puttered around the facilities during our driver’s three hour nap. Suffice to say, we were all relieved to be back in Omaha.

The show on Wednesday night went well – photos taken by Jeff Tafolla are below. Friends and family were out and about, and the show was in the largest venue we have played in the area up until now. In fact, we didn’t actually play in Omaha; we went across the river to Council Bluffs, IA. Woo!

Tonight is Minneapolis, it’s an early show, over by ten tonight. It’s cold and rainy out but the six block walk to the club is alleviated by a skymall that seems to run in any direction one needs to walk!

I’m off to prepare for the show. Cheers!