Best of E3 Expo 2005


There are thousands of games at E3, and I was like a tick sucking blood, getting full on the blood of video game demos. Below is what appears to be the best we’ll get in the coming year.

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  • Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

    For: PS2

    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment

    Developer: Sucker Punch

    Sly is a great Playstation character, but what makes this game innovative are the included glasses which let you view certain levels in 3D. It works perfectly, and won’t make you dizzy.

    The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    For: GameCube

    Publisher: Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo

    The Zelda series will take a huge leap forward when Link actually turns into a wolf for part of the game. The trailer for this game was so moving, that one or two members of the press had tears in their eyes. (Wimps.)

    50 Cent: Bulletproof

    For: PS2, Xbox

    Publisher: VU Games

    Developer: VU Games

    It wasn’t clear how great the game is from the demo I received. But all of 50 Cent’s songs are on the CD, including early works that haven’t yet been released. Beware, though. It’s a Mature-rated game, and very much deserving of that rating with all its pimps, hos, and ‘f’ and ‘n’ words.

    Soul Calibur III

    For: PS2

    Publisher: Namco

    Developer: Namco

    If you ask me, the Soul Calibur series is the best fighting game series ever. With its deep story mode and Tira, the pretty, new character with a scary, circular sword, this will truly be one sought after game.

    King Kong

    For: All platforms

    Publisher: Ubisoft

    Developer: Ubisoft

    Everyone’s waiting for Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson to release his epic King Kong this coming December. The game, which follows the movie’s plot closely, looks superb and should bring new life to the giant ape who first came to the screen in 1933. You’ll play as both hero Jack Driscoll and rock the world as a semi-anthropomorphic ape.


    For: Nintendo DS

    Publisher: Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo

    Apparently, the virtual pet craze isn’t over, judging from Japan’s wild love for this so-cute-it’s-cool game for the DS. At E3, legendary Zelda creator Mr. Miyamoto, demo’ed the game with G4TV’s overly caffienated Tina Wood by rubbing against her . . . virtual pet.


    For: Nintendo DS

    Publisher: Nintendo

    Developer: Nintendo

    It’s an eclectic, complex musical mixed by you with wild visuals on the DS: quirky, wonderful and demo-ed elegantly by Manhattan super-DJ David Hollands. You can use your voice, too, to change the audio and visual patterns. Probably enhanced by some kind of inhaled or ingested substance.


    For: PC

    Publisher: Electronic Arts

    Developer: Maxis

    This may be Sim’s creator Will Wright’s magnum opus. At any rate it’s ambitious bordering on ego-filled. In essence, it’s all Sim’s all the time—form the beginning of time. It’s strategy game where you create a molecule and evolve it into a genius being and beyond. Beyond your world, you get to colonize the planets. That’s a crazy amount of work for Wright and for the gamer, but it may be worth it.

    Taxi Driver

    For: PS2, Xbox

    Publisher: Majesco

    Developer: Papaya Studios

    There were a spate of serial killer/psychotic games on the floor, but I’ll look forward to the interpretation of Scorcese’s best picture. Looks like a good portion of the play takes places in a cab. The early indication: this game’s as much about what goes on in a crazed mind as it is a shooter. (I hope.)