Mofos Unite


On Sunday, Motherfucker, the anything- goes, polysexual party with a heart of gold, takes over the Roxy, with guest DJ CARLOS D. Started by JOHNNY T, GEORGIE SEVILLE, and DJs JUSTINE D and MICHAEL T five years ago, the roving party held on major holidays is a New York nightlife institution. We gave the Motherfuckers the fourth degree.

If you weren’t a Motherfucker, you’d be . . .

JUSTINE D: An art history college professor, specializing in modern art. Grading papers and yelling at my students with coffee breath.

MICHAEL T: A Cocksucker. Which I am, incidentally.

JOHNNY T: A Motherfucker by any other name . . . is still a Motherfucker.

Who books the DJs? What was your favorite live performance? Dream lineup?

GEORGIE SEVILLE: My dream band—the Dolls or Iggy.

JT: We only do Mofos on specific dates so the bands have to work around our schedule and it’s hard to get everything organized a few months in advance. I’m still working on getting the Strokes. That will hopefully happen soon.

MT: I like to hire people I can potentially have sex with. Justine is a bit more professional. I thought Andrew W.K. was pretty hilarious. Dream band: the Cramps!

JD: We never hire a DJ based on their associations and I personally do not support celebrity DJs. Carlos D’s been spinning since the one-year anniversary, before Interpol broke. We believe in good DJs who spin good music. My favorite live performances have been ESG and !!!, but I would love to have Bowie, Iggy, and Grace Jones. Bowie and Iggy would do a duet and Grace would do the cancan. One can dream, right?

What is the craziest thing people will do to get into Motherfucker?

JT: Pay.

Biggest scandal?

GS: A big Hollywood promoter-scenester gave another guy head in a little VIP area. That freaked a lot of people out!

What is your favorite record to spin?

MT: “Come Back Jonee” by Devo, “I Feel Love” by Donna Summer, “Chips on My Shoulder” by Soft Cell, “X Offender” by Blondie. And of course, “Love Hangover” by Diana Ross.

JD: Pretty Hate Machine by Nine Inch Nails or The Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Taste by Ministry. I’m a dirty goth at heart.

What record should be sent to the graveyard?

MT: We’ve never played “Take on Me,” “Come on Eileen,” or “99 Luftballons”—though I do like that last one, the German version only.

JD: The first Fischerspooner. Please, no more, no more “Emerge”! Not at my party, girl!

What is your favorite venue for an MF party?

JT: The Roxy. It has so much of the history of New York nightlife, from disco to B-boys to queer culture to live acts.

Favorite MF memory?

MT: I really love seeing the kids strutting their stuff. Anyway, the whole purpose of Motherfucker is not to remember all that much.

MF and bottle service?

JD: Never! We will never support that element of nightlife.

GS: Bottle service doesn’t work for a rock ‘n’ roll party. Indie rockers are not impressed by who has the most money to buy a bottle.

Who else in the New York club scene do you admire and why?

MT: Chi Chi Valenti and the entire Jackie family, Misstress Formika, Miss Guy and the rest of Squeezebox. Jesse Malin and Howie Pyro from Green Door, Michael Alig, Steve Rubell, Suzanne Bartsch, Larry Tee, and Kenny Kenny. They’ve all had a vision when it came to throwing a party or running a venue. More importantly, they stuck to that vision regardless of popular taste in both the straight and gay worlds. How can you not admire that?

How does it feel to be a New York institution? You’ve outlasted electroclash, Friendster, and the trucker hat.

JT: It feels good to be loved by the city that we love.

MT: Odd, I never thought we were going to alter the course of nightlife. You’ve mentioned a lot of fads—we never considered ourselves a fad. Maybe that’s why we’re still around.