Those Motherfuckers, Michael T and Justine D, just won’t go away. They are celebrating their five-year anniversary as the most sordid party people in New York, with the cream of the crop (or maybe it’s the bottom of the barrel). Interpol’s man-about-town, prince of darkness Carlos D, headlines the sleazefest, switching things up a bit by bringing some industrial and goth tunes to the jam, Amanda Lepore performs, and the infamous Willi Ninja vogues his way through the night. More tricks from Misstress Formika, tunes from Rory and Jess (of London’s Trash party), Dave P and JDH, plus an appearance from Miss Chi Chi Valenti. As usual Miss Thomas will be guarding the door. Sunday @ 10, Roxy, 515 W 18th, 212-645-5156

With parties focusing on rock and pop, the art of mixing seems to have fallen by the wayside. If you want to see how the pros really do it, you have two chances this Memorial Day weekend, but you might have to run back and forth across the street in the meatpacking district to find out. At APT, there’s my absolute favorite Detroit techno DJ, Stacey Pullen. Besides Carl Craig, he’s one of the other Detroiters of that generation who updates his iconic sound with new, future-thinking microhouse or minimal techno. His style is so silky smooth, you’ll be left wondering when the first record ended and when the second one started. Thursday @ 10, APT, 419 W 13th, 212-414-4245

And then there’s DJ Heather, the Chicago house jock that takes a slightly different approach. She goes for the jacked-up, jarring switchover between tracks, creating tension between records by cutting and pushing her EQ. Her sound is fuller and decidedly more funky than what you hear around the city. (For an example, check out her Fabric mix disc.) Thursday @ 11, Cielo, 18 Little W 12th, 212-645-5700