Room For Norm: A Bar a Mile Long Accommodates Everyone


Frustrated L.E.S. bar crawlers, take note: At Lucky Jack’s, there’ll be no “bellying up to the bar,” no “pushing through the throngs,” or any other clichés involving your securing a two-inch square of bar space, only to get shoved by some rude manimal waving twenties under the bartender’s nose. Not with a bar that’s a whole city block long. Accessible from both Orchard and Allen streets, a bar this stretched out deserves, as you can imagine, an equally impressive bar table—and this one seems to extend for miles, although it’s only a little over 60 feet. Eager to occupy a middle ground between the Lower East Side’s many faux dives and arriviste ultra-suede-heavy lounges, Lucky Jack’s aims for that precious “neighborhood bar” niche with its slightly off-the-radar status and easygoing atmosphere. The skinny bar is outfitted with old-school tin ceilings, exposed brick, framed Vargas girl posters, and candlelit, floating shelves of top-shelf liquor. Flat-screen TVs broadcast the game, and a seasonal cocktail menu offers fresh-squeezed spiked lemonade ($8) and blood orange martinis ($9) made with real puree. Granted, it’s a bit of a schizophrenic concept here, trying to appeal to all Lower East Siders at once. Ultimately, however, we don’t care. Still not overrun by the L.E.S.’s obnoxious weekend crowds, Lucky Jack’s pulls off that sought-after holy ground: the upscale Cheers. And there will always be room for Norm.