I love that Rothko is so equal opportunity. While the venue seems to be more associated with rock, the booking agents and the owners are just as dedicated to the electronic stuff we rave on about. They are turning one year old this week and celebrating, not with a lineup of indie rock, but with the help of techno duo Plaid. The Warp recording artists make some of the prettier, less warped, but no less innovative electronic music found on the label. They’re doing a live p.a., and their presence might totally confound all the indie kids who show up expecting the Killers or something. You get two nights to party. (With Machine Drum on Thursday and Drop the Lime! and Alex English on Friday). Thursday and Friday @ 9, Rothko, 116 Suffolk, 212-475-7088

More dance music at Rothko courtesy of Ninjatune artist Diplo, of Hollertronix and M.I.A. fame. The Philly DJ-producer’s work and remixing magic for the Sri Lankan MC has made him hot like dynamite. He’s playing with Spankrock, another duo with a twisted take on hip-hop. Tuesday @ 10, Rothko. Also at Rothko is Direct Drive, the best d’n’b weekly, which features London Elektricity, a drum’n’bass duo that’s more soulful than sci-fi drum’n’bass. Saturday @ 11, Rothko .

Richie Hawtin drags himself out of Berlin for what has become a rare stateside appearance. The DJ-producer is about to release the follow-up to one of my favorite techno records, DE9: Closer To the Edit, again reimagining the mix CD as a more fully reinterpreted piece of music, splicing and dicing songs until they are more his own. He’s playing a big room, so expect a big sound. Friday @ 10, Avalon, 662 Sixth Ave, 212-807-7780