Pressing the Point: DIY Publishers Gather in Park Slope


What do The Joys of African Sex have in common with
The Revolutionary Christ? We’re not sure either, but you can ask author-publishers Boniface Wewe (of The Joys) and Sander Hicks (of The Revolutionary) yourself this Saturday at Brooklyn’s hot-off-the-presses meet and greet for rugged individualists of the small-press-books world. Organizer Emily Brown has been spreading this buffet of non-corporate, DIY, iconoclastic published works for the past four years to increase public awareness of the eclectic written (and recorded) curiosities that lurk below the radar in Brooklyn and beyond. Red Letter Press, of Seattle, will be on hand to showcase the Left Coast and add a fair share of socialism to the plenitude of one-person self-publishing outfits. Having grown since its inception, the Small Press Fair this year occupies a larger space in Camp Friendship’s sunny hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn. The accumulated goods of over 25 makers of great small works will include offerings from Poets & Writers magazine, Harlem Overheard newspaper, and the Drench Kiss Media Co. of the aforementioned Hicks. Saturday’s six-hour day includes performances as well as exhibitions, so be prepared for live-action wordsmithery throughout the affair.