‘The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants’


Mailmen will have a field day calculating the postage spent by Sisterhood‘s four teenage gal pals, as they send a single pair of jeans across the globe. The titular trousers mysteriously flatter each of the differently bodied high schoolers, and they use them as a touchstone for their first summer apart. Straightlaced Lena (Gilmore Girls waif Alexis Bledel) is with her grandparents in Greece, where she finds love with a fisherman; Carmen (America Ferrera, having more fun than in Real Women Have Curves) has a disastrous stay with her stepdad in South Carolina, who’s started a new family without informing her; Bridget (Blake Lively) pursues a college-age coach at her Mexican soccer camp; and Tibby (Joan of Arcadia‘s Amber Tamblyn, with a blue-streaked Emily the Strange ‘do) retires to the local Wal-Mart clone, where she scrapes together a documentary (“Like a movie, only boring?” asks a co-worker). The multiple story lines can feel choppy, but the dialogue has snap, and the pants’ powers never distract from the teenagers’ emotions.