New York City Recap: The Residency


We played five nights in New York. Five nights, you say? Who has a five day stay, no – a five night residency – in New York? Springsteen, perhaps? Certainly not Bright Eyes! Well, it truly happened, and people came, and it was madness.

There were the crowded VIP areas, the pillaging of backstage supplies, the lineup at the bathroom downstairs. We were all hosting various friends, friends of friends, etc. Fivedaysblurredintoeachother. I’m not sure I’d want to play five nights in the same town again. After three nights, the repetition of playing the same space became something of a drag – I was ready for the next town, the next space, the newness that helps propel and create excitement over the songs that we play in the same order most every night. With all the constant activity, entertaining and boozing I came down with a bit of a cold just a few days in to the ‘residency’ which cut into my after-partying and lunching plans, but a good dose of echinacea and dayquil helped this girl through the second half of our New York City stay.

The shows? They went well. Webster Hall had an incredible Star-Wars-like lighting contraption that descended from the ceiling during the last few songs of the Faint set. The staff at Webster Hall – many of whom I had met before at the Bowery Ballroom – were great, super accomodating and fun to hang out with. Each night had its own particular tic or off moments, but they were generally good, I think. The first show was fine, the second show bristled with a certain manic energy, the third and fourth were business as usual, and the fifth show was defined by a certain clarity. We had a champagne toast backstage before we played the final show, and I think it helped remind us that we were indeed on tour, we would be leaving New York in a few short hours and that Webster Hall, like all the others, was just a temporary home.

I didn’t really go out to the myriad of afterparties – The Beauty Bar, Lit, Tribeca Grand. But from what other told me, they wasn’t really much to speak of. After the first few shows I went out with friends, to more quiet destinations. On the last night I went to the Darkroom to see my friend Emily and her friend Jeff dj. There were a few folks out there, although the ‘official’ aftertparty was actually at Pianos down the street! At the Darkroom there were the requisite members of Interpol, good music and the party didn’t really get going until after 1:30 . . . My bus call wasn’t until 3am, so I had time to kill. I eventually headed back to the hotel to board the bus to D.C. where we are currently. D.C. has been fabulous – the shows feel triumphant, and re-energized, the afterparty down the street last night was amazing: almost everyone on tour came out, and today I sat by a pool for hours, followed by a visit to one of the many art museums in this town: Picassos, Bacons, Judds, etc.

New York City was a great time, I always love playing and hanging out in the city I truly consider to be home. But, it was time to move on. and on. and on. I’ll be out on tour until July 20th, when I’ll finally head back to Omaha and then, onto the next. It’s time to close up this tour diary! Thanks for reading . . . see you in Atlanta, San Diego, Berlin . . .