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“David Beckham’s coming!” Adidas PR excitedly informed us last week. The soccer Adonis, one-half of Posh-and-Becks Brit royalty and father to three creatively-named children (Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz), dropped by the Adidas Sport Performance store last Wednesday to promote the launch of his two new clothing lines. We’re happy to report that the studly Beckham, often given to marring his comely visage with an endless series of fugly hairdos, is now modeling a subdued mini man-mullet to showcase his charming good looks—which reminds us why soccer moms wanted to bend over for Beckham in the first place. (It also makes us think back to Posh’s comment that the reason she’s so thin is because Becks is such an animal in bed.) OK, well, anyway, clad in pieces from his accompanying line of Dragon performance wear, Beckham was on hand to take photos with his Predator Pulse soccer cleat ($210; street versions, $45 to $90). Apparently the shoe features studs that do not have to be replaced as often and PowerPulse technology that redistributes the center of gravity to increase ball speed. According to Adidas PR, it also has “a striking silver design featuring an Asian dragon with a hint of red, playing to Beckham’s interest in Asian culture.” Ahh. Excellent. Beckham’s accompanying Predator Dragon line of performance sportswear ($30 to $70) will also keep with the dragon theme, featuring embroidered dragon logos on each jersey and hooded sweat.