Rockie Weekly Horoscope June 3 – June 9



Aries: Mar. 20 – Apr. 19Try to maintain a philosophical distance. If you can’t get past a problem or get around the person causing it, when butting heads no longer works and you can’t agree to disagree, let it go. Step back, way back. Wait until the weekend is over and the emotional heat the contested issue generated has cooled down. Chances are the Gemini new moon will introduce another element, one that affects the position of everyone concerned. It may also move you much further away from the center of the storm. Mobile Gemini is like that.


Taurus: Apr. 20 – May 20While the multi-faceted Gemini sun and detail-oriented Mercury merge in your financial sector, it makes perfect sense to focus on money matters. And while you’re wising up to what’s going on, you should also pay attention to what your intuition is telling you. Buying, selling, advertising and trading, the age-old Gemini activities should be addressed now; reading and writing, too. Although your Venus ruler shifts modes of operation when it leaves Gemini for nurturing Cancer on the 3rd, you needn’t turn into a domestic diva or a doyen.


Gemini: May 21 – Jun. 20Just because magnetic Venus is leaving your sign, don’t assume that your revitalized social life will come to a premature end. Uh, uh. As of Sunday, Jupiter in your Libra house of romance and recreation will no longer be retrograde, so you should make appreciable headway in that department for quite a while longer. Imagine: Lucky at love as well as at cards! Monday’s Gemini new moon can add another dimension to a personal goal; think of this day as a re-birthday and make an appropriate wish. Cake and candles are optional.


Cancer: Jun. 21 – Jul. 22The Gemini new moon is a good time to go on a spiritual/ psychological retreat or, failing that, to spend a few hours at a local spa. If you can check out of your usual routine for a while, your energy levels will get replenished and you’ll be able to face another birthday with a much improved attitude. You’ll also get a lift once sociable Venus enters Cancer on Friday for three weeks of delicious dinners and friendly get-togethers. No matter how short the visit, Venus is bound to bring artistry, admiration and affection, so make the most of her transit.


Leo: Jul. 23 – Aug. 22An attempt to rescue a doomed relationship or pull yourself out of a slump could take far more energy, and greater resources, than you’re willing to provide. During the dark of the moon this weekend, it’s best to let sleeping dogs lie. Come Monday, the versatile Gemini sun-moon conjunction will breathe new life into whatever project you feel like undertaking next. It could also help clarify some of the confusion generated by having imaginative, idealistic Neptune in your Aquarius marriage house. You get to see the forest and the trees.


Virgo: Aug. 23 – Sep. 22This is one of those magical times when you excel at matters both pedestrian and poetic. And because expansive Jupiter turns direct in your Libra house of assets on Sunday, you’ll soon be better off financially. What to watch out for? Too high highs, the typical mutable danger sign, although if you do crash midweek, you should be able to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again. Take time to verify the info you get at that time or else vow to dig deeper to discover the secret Pluto has been hiding in the back of the family closet.


Libra: Sep. 23 – Oct. 22Ideas and the people you could share them with may have come easily while your Venus ruler was in Gemini, but after Venus enters Cancer, you could get more serious, i.e., more stressed, about your career and the family’s good name. The opportunities you’re offered between Friday and June 27, when Venus moves on to Leo, are likely to be the stepping stones to the next measurable success. And if you have to work hard to achieve it, so be it. Just remember that prosperous, protective Jupiter in Libra is direct and, once again, focusing on your future well-being.


Scorpio: Oct. 23 – Nov. 21Given the choice, opt for a traditional or a gentlemanly way out. Rather than enter a screaming match (which is what the annual Mercury-Pluto face-off usually winds up as), you’ll be better off, and better serve a constructive goal, if you go with the favorable flow of energy between Saturn and your Mars co-ruler this weekend. Do what is expected, respect the leader of your pack, play the game according to the rules. Make the last days of Mars’ transit through intuitive, artistic Pisces an enjoyable, rewarding experience. By the 12th, it’ll be gone.


Sagittarius: Nov. 22 – Dec. 21Of all the planetary phenomena happening this week, the one event that could have the strongest impact is your Jupiter ruler flipping out of retrograde where it’s been since February 1. Although you may have to retrace steps taken since then, you could come away with an entirely different perspective, one based on experience rather than your usual gung-ho optimism. But Archers still need to be patient, especially about family expectations or a career goal you’ve been nurturing. Not until the end of August will Jupiter break new ground.


Capricorn: Dec. 22 – Jan. 20If not total sweetness and light-hearted interaction, you can anticipate getting comforting hugs and greater consideration from coworkers after Venus enters your Cancer complement. For the next three weeks, you’ll attract more attractive civilized folks who have good intentions and good taste. One might even turn out to be a good cook. Graceful Venus can also help you ease out of the responsibilities you’ve borne while your duty-bound Saturn ruler travels through your marriage house. Happily, there’s only five more weeks of that!


Aquarius: Jan. 21 – Feb. 18All the air signs get a lift this week; first from benevolent Jupiter turning direct in Libra after four months retrograde; then from the buzz of planetary activity in Gemini, some of which is directed to inspirational Neptune in your sign. Since the versatile Gemini energy emanates from your zone of creativity, recreation and romance, expect lots of interesting developments, particularly after the new moon on Monday initiates a new lunar cycle. Whether it’s making art, attending a sports event or arranging a hot date, you’ll be fully engaged.


Pisces: Feb. 19 – Mar. 19Self-directed Mars leaves Pisces on the 11th and won’t be back for another two years. Better take advantage of the single-minded focus and courage it has infused you with before another day slips by. However, you could wait until Mars gets to fiery Aries before pressing forward on a money matter. The expressive, well-informed Gemini new moon on Monday can change the tone of voice a family member has been using to get what he or she wants. A revised agenda may sound more reasonable, but it may still make you uncomfortable.