Golem Gets Married


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Last Thursday at the Knitting Factory, Golem, New York’s acclaimed hipster Klezmer-rock band, presented a gender-bending yet traditional Jewish Wedding Ceremony followed by a wild party. Following a Catskills tradition in which a “mock wedding” was held in the big hotels to celebrate the end of “the season”, Golem played a mix of their own wild kelzmer and Yiddish theater hits, interspersed with wacky versions of Motown, rock, and soul wedding covers. Complete with condom wedding favors, the event also included a cross-dressing bride and groom, Kosher deli, and a homemade wedding cake. L’Chaim!

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Aaron Diskin, Rabbi and vocals and tambourine player for Golem, marries the cross dressing couple. Jonathan Chick as the “Bride” and Michelle Citrin as the “Groom” take their first dance as man and wife.
Golem plays some of their fantastic Klezmer hits for the wedding reception. A Jewish wedding would not be complete without the Horah.
The married couple cuts the cake Pictured is Stanley Taub as the “Father of the Bride”