Remote Patrol



June 18 at the Museum of the Moving Image

My favorite Claymation character of all time, the sublimely green Gumby, is being feted at the Museum of the Moving Image for his 50th birthday. On the exhibition’s opening day, the museum will screen the retrospective Gumby Through the Years as well as Gumby the Movie. For details visit or call 718-784-0077.


Fridays at 10 on Channel 13

The new season of this weekly New York-based film and video series kicks off with 10 premier works by such local lights as Jem Cohen, Jennie Livingston, and Edin Velez. Squeezed in there is Todd Downing’s The Underminer, with Mike Albo playing the passive-aggressive character he and Virginia Heffernan created in the book of the same name.


Sundays at 9:30 on HBO

How much meta is too much? You’ve gotta ask yourself after watching this semi-scripted takeoff of an unscripted reality show starring a former TV star as . . . a fictional former TV star. Lisa Kudrow is suitably desperate, artificial, and flustered by the humiliations of the TV pilot rat race, but I’m not sure that’s enough.


Wednesdays at 8 on the WB

This surprisingly charming self-proclaimed “social experiment” from producer Ashton Kutcher returns us to high school hierarchies. Except that instead of dim-witted popular girls mocking geeky guys, the two sides must band together to win the big bucks, trading social confidence for smarts

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