Chick Magnet: The Search for a Lesbian Bar May Be Over


Finding more than one or two lesbian-owned-and-run bars in this city is like searching for dental dams in Kmart—you’re plumb out of luck. The closing of the universally known Meow Mix (which followed that of Crazy Nanny’s—now Luke & Leroy) was a key indicator that chick digs are hard to maintain on this island of skyrocketing real estate. That said, the Mix’s crew has taken the 11-month lapse in stride and is opening a new joint in Park Slope, where all things sapphic thrive. This onetime warehouse has been gutted and given a glossy yet minimalist finish in time for Pride. Celebrants can down $3 PBR tall boys and $8 Belgian ales at one of two backlit bars or simply cruise for a new playmate. If the sound system, which blares everything from hip-hop to Prince, is overwhelming, opt to play pool or Ms. Pac-Man away from the dancefloor as a nice diversion. The upstairs space offers an entirely different vibe, letting you be a voyeur. You can peer through a glass wall onto a sprawling, outdoor wooden deck and glimpse at smokers and company hanging out. That way if you’re too shy to step up, at least you can get your fill of eye candy. Finally, there’s a little something for everyone. Bless their hearts.