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Rain, Cirque Éloize’s gentle meditation, is really a dream, or a visual poem. This circus has no animals, no brash ringmaster, and for the longest time, not even any rain—just a sweet, hapless host, tumblers, trapeze artists on soft silk strands, and a blizzard of colored paper descending from the flies. The 100-year-old New Victory makes the perfect setting for this work, which has a Victorian sensibility and pretends to be a rehearsal. An upright piano floats and is carried effortlessly by its player. The international cast of 11 sings in Italian and juggles clubs and balls with endearing awkwardness and great skill. Written and directed by Daniele Finzi Pasca, also a photographer and a clown, Rain offers calm pleasures, including a contortionist who can stand on her own shoulders, a sweet young thing who’s reluctantly stuffed into a suitcase, and ultimately a whole lot of falling water, culminating in the sliding and backspins familiar from Pilobolus’s classic Day Two.