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Fair-Weather Friends Explore the Sunny Side of Modern Dance


Eva Silverstein’s troupe dances like a community of friends and lovers who never let a gray cloud keep them down for long. Their action-packed Raise High appears so densely populated that you have to remind yourself SBDC has just five performers. With Silverstein in the lead, this adorable quintet plays fleet, aerial games. Clever leaps and lifts, of which there must be hundreds, give substance to the title. Whether the music is Handel or a ditty with lyrics like “Every time I kiss you girl, you taste like pork ‘n’ beans,” the overall look remains much the same. Dancers dash on- and offstage, jump a lot, and toss themselves into the arms of partners, creating elation and occasional Paul Taylor flashbacks. Want more complexity, darkness, angst in your concert dance? You won’t find it here, but there’s wit in Silverstein’s ensemble patterns, accessible humor, and warmth between dancers that audiences find irresistible.