Harvest-Folk Dropout Gets Back to the Grid


Vashti Bunyan’s quit-while-you’re-ahead Just Another Diamond Day in 1970 was a trip to the British countryside via horseback, clean off the grid and back to the land for solemn planting and harvesting. Pretty far removed from the world of iPods, reissues, and file sharing (not to mention Devendra Barnhardt’s heaped praise) that propelled her to popularity among hip musicognoscenti. But that’s just one of the myriad contradictions of living in hyper-capitalist, technocratic times. Idyllic pre-industrial dropout scenarios are always easier to enjoy from the comfort of your laptop. The grass is always greener on the other side of the feudal manor.

So now, sweetgrass-sotto Bunyan gets back to the grid with help from a guy known, appropriately enough, as the Geologist, and his masked cohorts. Prospect Hummer is a subtle, choppy, shiny-sounding, looped-harp handful of sweet ‘n’ sour mash-ups. Animal Collective complement V.B. like clouds do angels in religious calendars: billowy and tender, embraces all around. And it’s either kitschy or holy, depending on what you wanna believe.

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