Directed by Angela Robinson

Disney, in release

Admit it: You’ve been hating on Lindsay Lohan’s new tabloid car wreck image. Fortunately, she appears in Herbie: Fully Loaded—the fifth incarnation of Disney’s The Love Bug—in all her pre-blonde, pre-twig glory. Lohan’s Maggie Peyton is a girl from a family of racers whose dad has just given her a VW bug named Herbie, a sentient troublemaker with a thirst for the racetrack. With the exception of Maggie’s white iridescent space . . . er, race suit, Matt Dillon is the best part. As Maggie’s NASCAR rival with a shit-eating grin, he pulls off goofy slapstick and infuses some much needed irony into the film (without mocking the kids). But aside from Herbie’s creepy spontaneous antenna hard-on, there are few other winks at the adults. This one is strictly playroom—a far cry from G-rated gems like Finding Nemo where parent and child both get their ticket’s worth. Still, its vibrating crowd scenes and splashy visuals will please the seven-to-12 set. Even if you wish that Herbie‘s cornball love interest (Justin Long) would kindly step aside and let Lindsay do her thing. NONA WILLIS-ARONOWITZ