Written and directed by Julien Hernandez

Regent, opens July 1, Quad

Someone call the Better Business Bureau: Sex, Politics & Cocktails contains zero political content and, at best, maybe one round of drinks. The inaccurate title is symptomatic of larger problems—overwhelmingly poor camerawork helps obscure the deficiencies in the dialogue but can’t conceal a sparse plot stretched to feature length by an endless parade of lame sketches. Comparing Sex to a student film is an insult to the American education system; even film students can make title cards without typos. It’s easy to admire Julien Hernandez’s DIY spunk; he serves as director, producer, writer, editor, and his own likable protagonist, a sexually confused filmmaker hired to make a documentary of a close-knit group of gay men living in Los Angeles. Hernandez’s accomplish-ment is no small feat, but a couple more hands on the set might have filtered out the weaker material or at least suggested a better title. MATT SINGER