The only reason we endure the eight months of crap weather is for the six, blissful weeks of summer. Six weeks when you can go to Queens without shame or fear of being heckled by Williamsburg hipsters—because P.S.1’s
Warm Up series is now in full blast. The series kicks off with sets from DJ Harvey and Simon James and a performance by Groove Collective. The sand installation is once again in place, this time designed by
SUR, a Los Angeles–based firm Xefirotarch. The beautiful people will come en masse, as usual. You will feel as refreshed as if you’d gone to the Hamptons.
Sat @ 3, P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center, 22-25 Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens, 718-784-2084

Guernica is revived this week as Scenic. The unveiling includes a special “Annie Mix” set by Annie (of “Heartbeat” fame), which includes DJ’ing, electronics, and the pop princess singing, with the original members of the Mishpucha crew, Adam Shore, Andy Gensler, and Eric Demby, spinning upstairs (Wed @ 10). On the weekend Spencer Product plays at the new weekly Hot Fuckin’ Pink with cohorts Danny Le Nimh and 24 Court, and Sophia Lamar on hostess duties (Fri @ 10). And finally, in one absolutely strange booking coup, there’s the 25th anniversary of the death of Jim Morrison celebration, with Riders on the Storm (a Doors cover band, not consisting of Ian Astbury) and a live, psychic-led séance to gain contact with the spirit of the Lizard King. I’ll be there.
Sun @ 7, Scenic, 25 Ave B

Aireoke You know you do it: You play air guitar in the mirror to Led Zeppelin songs. You might even sneak in a riff when watching some trendy band at the Bowery and hope that no one sees you. Now you can come out of the air guitar closet and compete in a local Aireoke competition. World domination, next.
Wed @ 9, Trash Bar, 256 Grand St, Bklyn, 718-599-1000,