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Superb quartet of Uchizono dancers looks pretty good in pink


For Approaching Green Donna Uchizono stationed official huggers inside the St. Mark’s sanctuary door to embrace each audience member. (Totally spoiled, we’ll now expect this greeting everywhere!) The choreographer once witnessed a Hindu guru hugging thousands of devotees and must have gotten swoony from the heat, the press of bodies, and wave upon wave of pink silk. Hugs were woven throughout Uchizono’s fascinating new quartet—its set and costumes aglow in pink variations—and the church’s lack of AC certainly re-created cloying closeness and near-delirium. Like figurines in a cuckoo clock, dancers repeatedly skittered from and retracted into curtained doorways, sputtering their way through strained, crunchy movements, displaying awkwardness, instability, struggle, and vulnerability. One swift, crazy sequence revealed how much choreographic and physical control it takes to be out of control. Extravagantly performed and nearly as lengthy as a massive guru event,
Approaching Green resolved itself in a tender denouement.