Written and directed by Felix Van Groeningen

Lifesize, opens July 8, Quad

Sporadically entertaining and utterly shallow, Steve + Sky answers the age-old question of whether a star’s blinding beauty can justify an otherwise bland movie. Probably not, but the radiant presence of Delfine Bafort, playing the obsessive-compulsive prostitute-stripper-factory worker Sky, makes this movie hard to hate. After a brief and uneventful encounter with the tall, ethereal Sky at a bar, pint-size hoodlum Steve (Titus De Voogdt) gets busted for Ecstasy and winds up in jail, where he befriends Jean-Claude (Johan Heldenbergh), a wheelchair-bound motorcycle thief. Steve tracks down his cellmate when he gets out of the can and, as luck would have it, meets Sky, an old friend of Jean-Claude’s. Their unlikely relationship begins and histrionics—not to mention a lot of slapping—ensue. The flat-footed attempts at poetry by first-time writer-director (and admitted Tarantino pupil) Felix Van Groeningen are almost uniformly cringe-worthy. In one conversation, the lovers debate whether fish are happy or not; in another, Sky laments being used “like a disposable camera.” Royale with cheese this is not. As aimless as its protagonists, Steve + Sky proves equally inept at irreverence and profundity. DREW TILLMAN